Why Choose Us

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Mobile PBX app

Stay connected on your mobile

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Number Portability

We safely migrate your number

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Auto Attendant

Direct call flow with auto attendant

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PBX Anywhere

Our phone system accessible from almost any device

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HD Voice Quality

Highest fidelity available

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Unified Communications

Do more than just call!

Unified Communications

By using the 3CX platform we are able to achieve a total unified communications suite for your business. We don't rely on having a bulky and unnecessary phone system at your premise, our platform is entirely in the cloud and you reap the benefits of having a robust, backed up and always online service. Moving into the cloud ensures access to your phone system even when not in the office, from a multitude of devices. We have mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps and of course the traditional handset sitting at your desk.

  • Flexible deployment
  • Always online
  • Work outside of the office
  • Web collaboration on projects
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Switching to a hosted phone system

By switching to a hosted you can reduce your telco costs significantly. We can save up to 80% of current spend and this helps in buying, expanding and maintaining a modern phone system.

  • Inter-office calls free! Even off-site
  • Routine updates and feature additions
  • Only pay for the lines you need
  • Limitless integration options
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